Mystical Magickal Mansion Academy Wiki

Date Started 6/21/2017[]

The Wondrous Brain that enables us to perform thousands of actions every day.


Our Brain

It is the Central Communication to all of the parts of the body. It is what keeps us breathing, walking, talking, eating, siting and everything else we take for granted.

HOWEVER! The few special people who have a Magical Brain hidden in the normal brain and can perform many Feats of Magic. That is what this lecture is about. Here is a simple quick rundown of what controls what part of the Normal Brain and the Magical Brain.


Here is what a normal brain can do in each area:

The Human Side:


1.       Visual Area


a.       Sight


b.      Image Recognition


c.       Image Perception


2.       Association Area


a.       Short term Memory


b.      Equilibrium


c.       Emotions


3.       Motor Function Area


a.       Control of the Voluntary Muscles


4.       Broca’s Area


a.       Muscles of Speech


5.       Auditory Area


a.       Hearing


6.       Emotional Area


a.       Pain


b.      Hunger


c.       ‘Fight or Flight’ Response


7.       Sensory Association Area


a.       Heat


b.      Cold


c.       Wet


d.      Dry


e.       Anything else that you can feel from soft to rough…


8.       Olfactory Area


a.       Smelling


9.       Sensory Area


a.       Sensations from muscles and skin


b.        Being hit or poked


c.       Muscle twinges


d.      Electrical stimulus


10.     Somatosensory Association Area


a.       Evaluation of Weight, Texture, Temperature, ect for object recognition


11.     Wernicke’s Area


a.       Written and Spoken Language Comprehension


12.     Motor Function Area


a.       Eye Movement and Orientation


13.     Higher Mental Functions


a.       Concentration


b.      Planning


c.       Judgement


d.      Emotional Expression


e.       Creativity


f.       Inhibition


14.     Motor Functions


a.       Coordination of Movement


b.      Balance and Equilibrium


c.       Posture


Here is what a Human’s Magical Brain can do in each area:

The Magical Side:


A/1.                      Visual Area


a.       Thought Transference- Transferring of Images from the mind to a paper or a special machine


b.      Meditation


B/2.   Association Area


a.       Empathy


C/3.   Motor Function Area


a.       Shielding


b.      Physical Fitness


 D/4.   Broca’s Area


a.       Mental/Mind Control  Magic


b.      Curses and Hexes


E/5.   Auditory Area


a.       Sound Magic


b.      Able to hear ghosts


 F/6.   Emotional Area


a.       Creatureology/Dragonology


 G/7.            Sensory Association Area


1.       Entombing- Placing a spirit inside of something


2.       Potions


3.       Elemental Manipulation


4.       Mental Manipulation


5.       Specialized Weather Control

H/8. Olfactory Area


a.       Plantology


I/9.    Sensory Area


1. Basic Core Elements


Air/Wind Magic


Fire/Heat Magic


Water Magic


Earth Magic


2. Secondary Core Elementals


Cold Magic


J/10. Somatosensory Association Area




3. Outside of the Body Abilities


Shadow Magic


Light Magic


Lightening Magic


 K/11.          Wernicke’s Area


b.      Imbibing


c.       Runeology


d.      Spell Casting


e.       Spell Making (to place in blanks)


L/12.  Motor Function Area




 M/13. Higher Mental Functions




Healing of Laying of Hands


N/14 Motor Functions




M/15. Forbidden Magics


Dark Magic




Necromancy – raising of the dead, communicating with them, commanding them for military purposes


Soul Magic




N/16. Hidden Magic




As you can see, the brain is constantly busy with something at all times and even while we are sleeping, the brain is doing tasks of keeping us alive and sometimes dreaming of new things.