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This is a smaller version of my Caldwell's Academy RP In a galaxy outside of The Milky Way and yet it dips into The Milky Way for a week out of the Earth year, is a galaxy was called The Bridge Mix for it was a mixture of unique masses of geodes and meteors that float around the galaxy. It was newly made for magic users or the ones with a Magical Core. In this galaxy is a lonely planet called Safe Haven. It had a warm star called Solaria and a cooler star called Lunaria. They each ruled for 12 hours out of the day. On Safe Haven was a land mass called Sanctuary. On Sanctuary was a small community of magic users. Most of the magic users were of the common stock. Only one stood out and that one was Lady Violetta. She was given the job of running an academy of magic. All of these people were once from Earth but they do not remember being there except Lady Violetta. She needed to remember for she was to get students from Earth that had a magical core. None of them will be happy that they would be taken from Earth to study for a time. Hopefully they won’t regret leaving home. Only time will tell……… You will be sent a valuable letter if you join. It is for free tuition at Mystical Magickal Mansion Academy. Be on the lookout for it!

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