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Date Started 6/22/2017[]

Meditation Lessons


Meditation 1

Day 1

Lady Violetta  had a dozen sitting mats on a table ready for her students to choose from. Once everyone had arrived, Lady Violetta  began.

“Welcome to Meditation Class. Everyone get a mat please. Choose one that you would like to keep. There are many colors and patterns. Then place your mat in a semi-circle around me.” Lady Violetta spoke softly as if she hated to break the silence of the quiet of the room. She was sitting down in a Lotus Position.

 “Once you are comfortable on the mat, we will be ready to start. Good. In this class we will begin to focus on a single thing and learn not to pay any attention to outside noises. Learning how to block out various noises is not as easy to do as one thinks. Sure for a short time a person can block out noises but how long can you block out noises? We will find out in this class.

Everyone please clear your mind and look at the nice red apple in the middle of the room. Not very hard to concentrate on it, right? Let’s see you concentrate on the nice red apple until I say stop. Ready, set go.” Lady Violetta sat there seemingly not moving and barely breathing.


“Stop. This class is to introduce you to how to concentrate better and longer. Today’s lesson is to show you how a minor thing such as a growling tummy can interrupt your concentration. For your homework, please write in your Meditation Diary, what your lesson was, how you felt during meditation and what you have learned.

Unless you have any questions, you are dismissed to put your mat away in your cubby hole and for breakfast.” Lady Violetta spoke calmly.


Day 2

 Have a light breakfast.[]

Concentrate on candle.


Day 3

 Have a light breakfast.[]

 Concentrate on candle with various noises surrounding the class.


Day 4

 Have a light breakfast.[]

 Concentrate on candle with various noises surrounding the class while a storm brews- lightening, thunder, darkness develops, wind blows.